20SL01 - The Armtech Shift Light allows the driver to change gear at the optimum engine speed every time without having to watch the tachometer. There is a shiftlight LED on the unit, and also a remote panel mountable 5mm ultra-bright LED supplied.

15RL04 and 15RL05 - A high performance Rev Limiter which in addition offers Full Throttle Gearshift capabilities. This function limits the engine speed during gearshifts, allowing a gearshift to be made without closing the throttle. The unit is supplied with a clutch switch and in addition can be used with an optional Launch Control Push Switch.

15RL02 and 15RL03 - The Panel Mount Rev Limiter provides effective protection against over revving of performance engines. Available in both single coil, and twin coil for use on 4 cylinder twin coil (DIS) systems.

Consistent, optimal gearshifts. Engine over-rev protection. Faster launches. All racers need these and Armtech's range of Rev Limiters and Shift Lights provide the solutions.

Rev Limiters and Shiftlights

15RL01 - The Coil Clip Rev Limiter provides effective protection against over revving of performance engines. The unit is mounted directly onto a single cylindrical coil by the inbuilt coil clip.


Rev Limiters 70x44x14mm

Shift Light      70x44x14mm

Speed Shift   70x44x28mm

Weight  (approx)  120g

Wire Length (approx) 1m

Temperature range -25°C to +85°C

Operating Voltage 9-16V

Rev Range  

2 Cyl 1,000RPM-20,000RPM

4 Cyl 1,000RPM-20,000RPM

6 Cyl 1,000RPM-12,000RPM

8 Cyl 1,000RPM-10,000RPM

The units are negative earth only and can withstand  double battery jumpstarts (28V).

Coil Clip Revlimiter
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Rev Limiters

Rev Limiter - Single Coil - Coil Clip




Rev Limiter - Single Coil - Panel Mount




Rev Limiter - Twin Coil - Panel Mount




Rev Limiter with Full Throttle Gearshift - Single Coil - Panel Mount




Rev Limiter with Full Throttle Gearshift - Twin Coil - Panel Mount




Shift Light

Shift Light - 5mm - Panel Mount





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